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Tracking your utility bill has now become much more manageable. All you need to do is visit and enter the reference number, and know the correct information. The process of downloading a duplicate bill and printing it is also now easier than ever before. we will also explain that how to check Gepco online bill.

اپنا بل چیک کرنے کے لئے سرچ بار میں14 ہندوسوں کا ریفرنس نمبر انٹر کریں اس کے بعد چیک بل بٹن کو پریس کر دیں

Enter Your Reference Number Without Space

Advanced technology has made things much more accessible for people. Luckily, you don’t have to wait for the bill distributor, and you can now check your bills on your own from the comfort of your house. You can also get instant results by visiting our website for Gepco online bill check and entering the 14-digit reference number.

You can Check your latest bill of : MEPCO , IESCO , LESCO , PESCO , HESCO , QESCO , SEPCO , TESCO , FESCO.

Gepco online bill


GEPCO is the Gujranwala Electric Power Company. Moreover, it supplies electricity to Gujranwala and other cities interlinked with it. Furthermore, several reasons can prevent you from going out and getting a duplicate bill. Do not worry, and we have an excellent service awaiting you as you can make most of it and get your bill on your mobile phone and pay them through the most convenient means.

Pay Gepco Bill Online

You now have an excellent opportunity to pay the GEPCO online bill while using gepco online bill payment methods. Furthermore, you can avoid all those long queues that may take a lot of your time. So, your payment is only a few clicks away. Have you ever wondered about such an exciting service that not only saves your time but energy too. Also, we ensure you several methods through which you can pay:

  • Jazz Cash (via app or code)
  • Easypaisa (via app or code)
  • Daraz (dBills)
  • Banking apps (e-Banking)
  • Nadra e-sahulat

Our Mission

We strive to provide the best facility to our visitors. We ensure the provision of reliable bill printing from the comfort of your house. 

Free Tool

Use the free Gepco online bill on our website to make your life easier. Moreover, you can print your bills and pay anytime through your account. Furthermore, the tool is straightforward to use. The tool only requires you to enter some relevant information like the reference number of your bill, and you will get your results. 

Tool Usage Guidelines

Lets us help you use the free tool on our website:

  • Open and look for the search bar
  • As soon as you find one, enter the 14-digit reference number, which is essential, or else you will not be able to print your bills
  • Once you have entered the reference number, hit the submit button
  • You will see your bill, and you can easily print your bill so you can pay it later

Print Guidelines

Once your bill appears on the screen, you have a great chance to print it. In addition, the guidelines below will help you know how you can easily print your bill.

  • As soon as you see your bill on the screen, the first thing you require to do is click the page setup
  • Now you need to select the right size of paper. A4 size would be excellent for your print
  • The header and footer have specific values which are of no use to you. You can delete them as it will not affect your printing
  • Now you need to select the page size and position. The paper should be positioned portrait-wise
  • As soon as you are done with the settings, hit okay and wait for the print copy
  • Almost all the steps are complete, and now you can enjoy your print and pay your bills on time.

Why Us?

There are multiple reasons for choosing us when printing your bills. We ensure the provision of a reliable tool that helps you print your bills in no time. Following are the reason why you can choose us without giving it a second thought:

  • Get prints of your bills free of cost

You do not have to pay additional fees to get a duplicate copy of your bills, and you can get one free. Printing your bills won’t cost you a penny. Also, some websites do charge you credits at the end. But we are here with this service free of cost for you.

  • Provision of additional services

We also ensure our visitors some additional services that are free of cost. Furthermore, many users are already using the services that we provide them. Even more, we also ensure you regular updates on your bills. The regular updates build the visitors’ interest, and they tend to visit more frequently to get more information regarding their bills.

  • Check your electricity bill

You can easily view your electricity bill now. Moreover, you can also open a request in regards to your bill. Furthermore, there are no chances that any wrongful conduct can occur as the online tool reduces all such chances.

  • Correct your information

If you find any wrong information on the bill, you can surely correct it using the customer options. The customer service department will help you till the end. Within a few minutes, you will get your problem solved. 

Checking Bill Without A Reference Number

If you want to check your GEPCO online bill, you will require a 14-digit reference number. Until and unless you don’t have one, you will not be able to get your bill on the screen and print it. In addition, if you encounter any issue, you can truly reach for help on the GEPCO helpline number or other resources. Another option is to visit their office and get the problem checked by professionals.


What are you waiting for? Start using our free tool that not only saves you time paying the bills and checking them but also helps you save your energy standing in the queues for hours. In addition, you can have multiple benefits too while using our free tool. Due to this, you can print your bills from anywhere using this online platform.

Using our website, visitors can print bills independently without requiring professional assistance. All you need is the reference number and some basic knowledge of using a computer system.

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