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Since the population of our nation is growing, it is quite possible that you will receive your bill right up to the point it is due. If you have a busy work schedule, you could feel the need to pay your bill well enough in advance of the given deadline.

In this case, our LESCO bill online Website ebillcheck.pk can help you out. Extra payments result in increased expenses, so nobody wants to spend extra money. Modern technology allows you to quickly and easily get a duplicate copy of your invoice electronically and print it out as well.

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How to Enter Reference Number xx-xxxxx-xxxxxxxx

About LESCO Duplicate Bill:

LESCO, or Lahore Electric Supply Company, started to offer its facilities in 1998. LESCO seems to be in charge of delivering and maintaining electrical service in the regions of Lahore, Sheikhupura, Okara, and Kasur. Lahore Electric Supply Company, aka LESCO, was established in 1954 in compliance with the Wapda corporations act. It supplies electricity to Lahore and its surrounding cities for their convenience.

Several inhabitants of a few Pakistani localities continue to receive hydro electric power from Lesco, a highly professional and trustworthy organization. You can call the complaining number if you suspect there is a concern with your Lesco online bill, also some other cabling, or metering, and they will do their hardest to fix your issue. They can even just assign a crew to your doorstep in addition.

Check LESCO Bill Online

If you did not obtain your LESCO WAPDA bill (commonly referred to as a LESCO electricity bill or a LESCO consumer bill) from a LESCO official representative or if you misplaced your LESCO bill, do not, however, stress; you could still get a duplicate of your LESCO bill by utilizing our online service.

You can Check your latest bill of : MEPCO , IESCO , PESCO , GEPCO , QESCO , SEPCO , TESCO , FESCO.

Procedure To Check Lesco Bill Online:

  • See our ebillcheck.pk for Lesco Bill.
  • Hit the “Check Bill” option after inputting the bill reference number or Lesco bill customer id (only one is required, never both).
  • Your billing number, payment date, issuing schedule, and some other Lesco bill details are presented in the main window.
  • Click the “View Complete Bill” button to view the entire bill.
  • Your Lesco utility bill is available for printing or downloading in full bill view.
LESCO Bill Online

System Requirements:

The information needed to examine your electricity bill available on the internet is given below:

  • Consumer ID
  • Reference Number

Lesco Bill Calculator

You could now easily predict what the problem is if your bill has not yet issued via our web page. Your anticipated value would display once you specify the number of units you believe you consume. Moreover, our web page is continuously revised, so you do not have to bother about the value per unit.

Where To Look For The Reference Number

Pull out some of the latest print of your bill and check at the top of the front page if you can’t seem to find the reference number on your invoice. Here, in a slot, you will definitely find your reference number.

How To Obtain Duplicate Bills

Now, all you need to do to acquire a Lesco duplicate bill online is to stick to a few basic measures.

Step No 1: Consider taking out your earlier bill and check for your reference number.

Step No 2: Now, insert the reference number in the space available.

Step No 3: Your bill would now be prepared, and then you might properly examine it.

Besides that, you can use the CTRL+P command to save or print your bill. Doesn’t that sound easy and straightforward?

Areas covered by Lesco

Lahore Electric Supply Company’s functional regions tend to involve:

  • Lahore
  • Okara
  • Sheikhupura
  • Kasur

How To Pay Lesco Bill Online

So nowadays, paying your bills electronically is relatively simple. Depending on what is probably the easiest for you, you could pay through our electronic banking services, easy paisa, or even jazz cash.

The Benefits Of Receiving Your Lesco Copy Bill Promptly

  • Avoids getting in big lines and crowds:

Just because a few middle-class customers demand time to gather funds to pay their bills in the prevailing economic atmosphere. Moreover, sometimes there is a crowd at banks. We suggest a solution to the issues mentioned so that LESCO customers can verify their invoices or obtain a duplicate copy of their bills available on the internet.

  • Get new bills without any trouble of going out:

When a consumer’s electricity bill is misplaced, there would be no other method for obtaining a copy; yet, in the current economic scenario, everything is in the process of change, and that everyone employs innovation to accomplish decisions on a daily basis in a much easier manner.

  • New innovative way:

People are now discarding the old ways of doing work and are therefore more willing just to use modern technology. You could now actually check your Lahore Electricity Supply Company bill online and get a duplication that can save a copy of the documents for your personal records, thanks to the firm’s launching of lesco electronic bill services.

Taxes in LESCO:

  • FC Surcharge:

On June 10, 2015, the Finance Costs (FC-SUR) service charge came into operation. This fee is imposed on all consumable units to guarantee the settlement of Electricity Supply Private Limited’s servicing debt. The expense of the FC surcharge is estimated at 0.43 for every unit.

  • GST:

The general sales tax that is charged on the cost of electricity is designated as GST. The GST proportion is approximately 17 percent.

  • Age/Arrears on the Lesco Bill:

The amount owing or the amount not given in the most recent bill is known as arrears. This area may display if you pay a percentage of your bill or transfer your bill to an installment agreement.

  • Lesco Surcharge for TR

The Tariff Rationalization Surcharge is just what it is. The TR Surcharge is an element of the GOP tariff and NEPRA. NEPRA will set a standard tariff, and the authorities will advise all retail chains of it. TR is the variation among GOP and NEPRA tariffs.


There is a possibility that sometimes you may not receive your electricity bills on time. This issue affects rural Lesco users. They find it more difficult to come up with the money at the moment and pay the full amount right off the bat. So they prefer to use late payment fees to compensate Lesco bill online. This is a more easy and efficient way to pay your bills where you can also follow installation plans.

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