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Electricity is a need of the hour and will become the largest source of consumed energy in the near future. In Pakistan, this department is held by the WAPDA which stands for Water and Power Development Authority. This government sector handles the assets, functions, and distribution of resources all over Pakistan. But how will you pay the IESCO bill online?

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Enter Your Reference Number Without Space

This is a question most young and educated people ask because nobody wants to get into the line of bill payment. Everybody just wants to do some clicks and requires the job done. In this article, we will tell you about how to pay the IESCO bill online and what do you have to do to do the IESCO bill check?

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IESCO bill online

Paying IESCO bill online

As much as the technology advances, it gives the users a lot of benefits as well as relief. People used to go and pay the bill through different retailers or the banks by standing in long queues for hours.  But now nothing like this is necessary to pay your IESCO bill.

You just need to open your phone and pay the bill online through multiple payment methods. But first of all, you need to know how much is my IESCO bill?  And to check the IESCO bill online, please read further and understand what process you have to follow.

How To Check IESCO Bill online?

There’s no need in the first place to do anything because the IESCO company under WAPDA regulations follows those guidelines. They send a hard copy of the IESCO bill to your residential address.

But if you didn’t get that hard copy at your home, which happens sometimes may be because of human error, you can go to their website. The bill checking website is named IESCO Bill where you just give your details in a form and the total bill will be on your screen.

Furthermore, their website is not only useful for checking your bill, but also because now you don’t have to go to a bank taking that hard copy with you. Because that waiting time era of very long queues has gone. Now you can use the online bill check Pakistan facility and pay the bill at the same place. Check your Iesco bill online

So, let’s see what steps you have to follow in order to check your bill online in Pakistan.

  • First, make sure that the hard copy of the current IESCO bill has been issued and you have a previous bill with you. Because you will need that for reference number and other data.
  • Now open google chrome or any other browser on your phone and search for the website for online billing and open the related link.
  • Enter your reference number in the field displayed. (Make sure that your entered reference number is exactly the same as your hard copy’s reference number.)
  • This is the best way to check the IESCO bill online in Pakistan which has eliminated the need of going through a very long process.
  • Finally, after completing all the previous steps, you need to just press “ENTER” or click the “Search” button. Your online soft copy of the IESCO bill will show on your screen.

This is the online duplicate copy of your total bill; you can download it in a PDF file format and save it for later use. You can directly print it from their website or save it on your phone or computer and then print it later.

There is another feature of that website, they give you the complete previous history of your account whether you paid all the dues or not along with an online bijli bill check. And if they all are paid, when and how much did you pay? This is a very convenient way to get all your details in case you lost your hard copy of the bill or didn’t get it. All you need to have is a mobile device and internet connection.

IESCO Online Bill Payment Methods

IESCO bill online is very useful and easy to access for everyone and nobody in this world can imagine being in a queue today. This is because of the fact that every company wants to keep it easy for their customers. Hence, now all the banks take electricity bills and all of them have their separate websites and mobile apps.

Those apps have a separate section for the online bill payment so that you can easily navigate through the app. Not just the banking apps, but also all the mobile network companies have introduced similar separate sections in their mobile apps. That way, the apps will deduct the total amount of the bill if you enter all the details and allow the payment.

So, to conclude, electricity bills online payment in 2023 can be done from several bill payment methods. One is a traditional method, second is mobile network companies’ apps like JazzCash and Easy paisa. There are different mobile banking apps as well as some banks offer this service on their official website. You can opt for any payment method as all of them are free for their consumers.

How to pay bills with mobile Banking Apps?

Following are the simple steps to pay via bank apps.

  • Download the respective mobile banking app on your phone.
  • Open the app from your home screen and create your account on it.
  • You will see several options there, select the online bill payment option to open the further dialog box.
  • Now fill in all the required details and the IESCO bill calculator will show you your due date and the total bill.
  • Please read all the information about each app as it is always different according to the company.

How to pay bills with credit cards?

Now you can pay IESCO bills through credit card by visiting the respective bank’s official website. Follow the simple steps given below to make your online electricity bill payment via credit card.

  • Open the bank’s website in which you have your account.
  • Select the “online bill payment” button to navigate to that menu.
  • Press the “Add Bill” option from the menu.
  • Enter all the required details.
  • When you’re done with paying the bill, take a screenshot of that receipt for the record.

How to pay electricity bills with Jazz Cash?

Following are some of the very simple steps to pay electricity bills online through JazzCash.

  • Download and install the JazzCash app on your phone.
  • Create an account (there’s no need to create an account if you already have one.)
  • Go to the bill payment section.
  • Choose the desired type of bill you want to pay.
  • Select the company out of all the options, there are several electricity supplying companies in Pakistan.
  • Fill the entry field with your reference number.
  • Finally, allow the transaction after entering your 4-digit pin. You will see an online soft copy of the IESCO bill payment on the screen. Save it for record in PDF file format.

How to pay electricity bills with Easy Paisa Retailer?

The process of paying electricity bills online through JazzCash or Easypaisa retailer 2023 is very simple. Follow the below steps and it will be done in minutes.

  • Go to the retailer’s shop.
  • Give the retailer a hard copy of the electricity bill and pay him the amount due printed on the bill. (There’s no need to pay more than what is printed on the bill)
  • Tell him your mobile phone number.
  • He’ll do the rest; once he’s done with confirmations, he’ll stamp the bill receipt.

Paying the bill online through the Jazz Cash code

Follow the steps below and pay your bills online.

  • Dial *786# in your phone dial pad.
  • Select “Bill Payment”.
  • Choose your “Bill Type”
  • Enter your country name.
  • Enter the reference number.
  • Enter the pin code of your Jazz Cash account, and it will be it.

Areas/Divisions covered under IESCO

Islamabad CircleRawalpindi CircleAttock CircleJhelum CircleChakwal Circle
Islamabad Division 1Rawat DivisionTaxila DivisionJhelum Division 1Chakwal Division
Islamabad Division 2City DivisionPindigheb DivisionJhelum Division 2Talagang Division
Barakahu DivisionCantt Division (Rawalpindi)Attock DivisionGujar Khan DivisionDhudial Division
Satellite Town DivisionPind Dadan Khan Division
Westridge Division
Tariqabad Division

IESCO Helpline Details:

IESCO Head Office Address:Sector G-7/4 Islamabad, Pakistan
IESCO Helpline Number:051-9252937
Fax Number:051-9252927
Deputy Manager (Operation) Address:Street 17, Warask Road, Near Sui Gas Chowk, Sector I 9 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan.
Assistant Manager (Operation) Address:Khan Market, Street 50, G 10/3, Islamabad, Pakistan.
IESCO Email:[email protected]

FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

How to pay the IESCO bill online?

You can read the complete guide above and you will easily pay all your bills with your phone.

How to pay IESCO bills through an HBL credit card?

Paying the bills through any bank’s credit card is almost the same. But still, if you have any problems after reading the above guide on paying your bills with your credit card. Then read the detailed instructions on the official HBL website.

How to check whether the IESCO bill is paid or not?

Once you have completed the bill payment process, wait for some time and there will be a confirmation message on your screen. Some methods send messages and some show notifications. There will be a transaction ID in the notification or message. Take a screenshot of that notification or message for later use of the record.


Due to technology being available for everyone, now there are a lot of things made very easy for consumers. As we explained about the online IESCO bill payment process in this guide, you can see how easy it is to pay for everything using your phone.

We hope that you liked this article, please share it with others and write to us in the comment section down below.

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