K-Electric Bill

K-Electric Bill Check Online 2023: 

Karachi Electric, often known as KE, produces and distributes power throughout the city. The largest electricity company in Sindh is Karachi Electric. You are aware that every power provider sends invoices at the end of each month, and Karachi Electric does not differ in this regard. You pay K-Electric bills if you use Karachi Power Company’s services.

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اپنا کے الیکٹرک کا بل چیک کرنے کے لئے نیچے دیے گے بٹن کو پریس کر یں

K-Electric Bill

Ke Duplicate Bill check online:

To check K-Electric duplicate bill online, go to the ebillcheck.pk. View your invoice by entering the 13-digit reference number. You can check bills online even if you’re not in Pakistan. People used to visit the offices of the electric company to request lost power bills in the past. Wait for their number while standing in line for several hours.

since the online system had not yet been deployed at the time. Everything is online these days. So you can quickly check K-electric bill online. your utility bills. The ideal users of this service are individuals who travel frequently for work or business. They didn’t monitor their household bills before the internet method. Now, everyone has access to this system’s online checking capability.

K-Electric Bill Payment Methods:

Methods for Paying Your K-Electric Bill Online 2023 cash transfer services are available in Pakistan for paying your K-Electric bill. With the help of this online transfer, you won’t need to wait in line to pay your expenses in cash. Some of the most popular methods for paying your bills are covered below:

K-Electric Bill Payment Manual:

Let’s discuss the manual process for paying the K-Electric power bills. The K-Electric bill has to be paid manually, which takes a lot of time and effort. The client must visit the bank and stand in line in order to pay the bill manually. The client must deposit the funds one at a time. The banker will stamp your bill copy and return it to you.

KE bill payment online:

Online K-Electric bill payment is another available K-Electric bill payment option. The K-Electric online bill-paying service is likewise free for you to use. With your bank app, you can pay the bill. You must pay additional fees in the form of surcharges if you don’t pay the bill before the due date. It depends on how much the bill is.

If you don’t have any bank apps, you can pay using the JazzCash or Omni application or an Easypaisa account. Any application may be used for free to pay bills.

If you have any questions regarding your bills, contact 118 or go to the sub-divisional office that is closest to you. Many people are interested in visiting the official KE website, ke.com.pk. To get the most recent alerts, including those about power theft and bill complaints, register yourself on the official website.

K-electric Online Bill Payment through Official Bank Website:

  • Fill out the form with your information as needed, then choose “Internet Payment.”
  • Enter the firm “K-electric” and your 13-digit K-ELECTRIC account number.
  • Choose your payment option from the list. Banks accept payments made using Union Pay Credit, Visa, and MasterCard.
  • You will be prompted to input your credit card details in a pop-up window for verification.
  • After your submitted information is verified, you will pay your K-ELECTRIC bill online in this manner.

K-ELECTRIC Bill Payment Making use of the Bank Mobile app:

  • Log in to your banking app on your phone.
  • Fill out the form with your information as needed, then choose “Internet payment.”
  • After choosing the business (K-ELECTRIC) from the list of alternatives, enter your 13-digit K-ELECTRIC account number.
  • The OTP is generated by the system.
  • To validate your transaction for verification, enter that OTP.
  • The K-ELECTRIC payment procedure is complete after your supplied information has been verified.
  • You may check the status of your K-ELECTRIC bill or examine your payment history by entering your K-ELECTRIC reference number to see a record of your prior paid invoices.

K-ELECTRIC Bill Payment  by  Jazz Cash:

  • You must initially keep a functional Jazz Cash account.
  • From your Android or cell phone, dial * 786 #.
  • Enter your login information.
  • Under “payment choices” on the top menu, select “electricity bill kinds.”
  • Choose K-ELECTRIC from the list of possibilities.
  • Your 13-digit K-ELECTRIC Reference Number must be entered here.
  • Keep your MPIN in your Jazz Cash Account for successful transactions.
  • You’ve successfully made a payment to K-ELECTRIC online.

K-electric Pay Bill By using the Easy Paisa app:

  • You must initially keep an active Easypaisa app account.
  • Enter your login information.
  • Under “payment choices” on the top menu, select “electricity bill kinds.”
  • Choose K-electric from the list of possibilities.
  • Your 13-digit K-electric Reference Number must be entered here.
  • Enter the Easy Paisa MPIN for transactions to be successful.
  • You’ve been successful in paying K-electric online.

About K-Electric:

K-Electric is a commercial company in charge of producing, transmitting, and distributing electricity in Karachi, the largest city in Pakistan. It is vertically integrated and provides electricity to almost 22 million people in Karachi as a whole. Pakistan’s largest metropolis, Karachi, serves as the country’s economic center.

Every power outage in Karachi causes a serious setback for the whole nation of Pakistan. K-Electric works to guarantee that the best electric power is always available to the entirety of Karachi despite the strain and enormous responsibility.

Coverage Areas: 

K-electric, also known as Karachi electric, is in charge of providing electricity to nearly 30 consumer centers, including Bahadarabad, Gulshan, Johar 1, Landhi, Johar 2, Baldia, Bin Qasim, Liyari 1, Liyari 2, Liaqatabad, Nazimabad, Kimz, Korangi, Clifton, Defence, FB area, Garden, GADAP, Malir, North Nazimabad,

Registration for SMS Service:

How to Register for SMS Service: For instance, “REG 101050769047.” Soon after you submit your request, K-Electric will send you a welcome email to make sure you’re signed up for mobile service.

Report Technical Problem:

To report a technical issue, logged-in users should only transmit the word “COMP” to the number 8119.

Send the text “COMP [space] Your 13-digit account number” to 8119 if you are not a registered user. As an illustration, “COMP 101050769047.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is there a KE business substitute in Karachi?

No, there isn’t a substitute available. Use the solar panel and cut off your connection to K electric if you are feeling well. Use the converter and solar panel to create electricity and change DC to AC. The cost for the solar panels was not paid by you.

Can you check the KE bill from last month?

No, there are constantly the newest bills. Consider that you would want to review the K-Electric Bill history that is stated in the most recent bill. Every bill and payment record is broken down per month.

How can I reduce my bill?

Utilize all of your necessary gadgets during off-peak hours to save your power costs. Due to the low rate per unit pricing, the peak hours.

Can Bill be paid online?

Yes, there is a way to pay bills online. With any free bank application, you may pay your bills.

Can I legally change the name, KE Bill?

Yes, you may legally change your name; if you reside close to a subdivision office, go there and submit an application in person to a representative for further action. After verifications, your name may be changed. A name change application can also be submitted online.


As you are aware, Karachi Electric is the biggest electricity utility in Pakistan and has a sizable customer base. As a result, managing all the services manually is challenging. Power Electric Co. has finally made the decision to make its system documentation available online.

You may now report your complaint, request new connections, duplicate K-Electric bill, apply for jobs online, calculate bills, and more online. These resources are available online. For the aforementioned tasks, you don’t need to visit offices.

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