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Do you have questions about the TESCO Online Bill? How can I quickly verify and pay my duplicate electricity bill online? How do I utilize convenient payment options? Your issues are now solved, as you will find all of the solutions on this website.

اپنا بل چیک کرنے کے لئے سرچ بار میں14 ہندوسوں کا ریفرنس نمبر انٹر کریں اس کے بعد چیک بل بٹن کو پریس کر دیں

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You can Check your latest bill of : IESCO , LESCO , PESCO , HESCO , GEPCO , QESCO , SEPCO , FESCO.

How Can You Check TESCO Online Bill?

You will be stuck in this situation if you take out a loan or use your funds. TESCO has given you some simple product lists that you may use to check and pay your TESCO online bill using only your cell phone, so don’t worry, my buddy; everything will be OK. Yes, it truly is amazing.

Use these procedures to check your TESCO bill online:

  • To view online bills, visit ebillcheck.pk.
  • Then, after entering the 14-digit reference number, click the ‘Check Bill‘ option.
  • The most recent TESCO bill amount and due date may be found here.
  • Click “View Full Bill” to view the whole bill or to get a copy of it.
  • You may check your TESCO Wapda bill from the comfort of your home whether you’re using a desktop computer or a mobile device because our website is compatible with a wide range of screen sizes.
  • You’ll need your reference number for the online bill check process, so you’ll check your online TESCO bill. You can find the reference number on any copy of an old bill. This is the place to go for duplicate bills of any kind. Enter your reference number in the provided field to find your bill for the month of 2023. In order to get your TESCO online bill 2023 automatically for the months of 2023, you may also sign up for monthly bill emails.

To print off your duplicate TESCO bill online, follow these steps:

  • Click the icon of print in the upper right corner of your tab to start printing.
  • You’ll be sent to a website where you may print.
  • Select your printer’s location now.
  • Next, choose the print choice and a portrait layout.
  • Choose A4 as the page size from the menu of further options.
  • Select the header and footer choices after that.
  • Then select Print from the drop-down menu., your TESCO online print is completed

TESCO Online Bill Payment Methods:

With the help of this online transfer, you won’t need to wait in line to pay your expenses in cash. Some of the most popular methods for paying your TESCO bills are covered below:

Paying TESCO Bill Manually: 

Let’s discuss how to manually pay the TESCO electricity bills. The TESCO bill must be personally paid, which takes a lot of time and work. The client must visit the bank and stand in line in order to pay the bill manually. The client must deposit the funds one at a time. The banker will stamp your bill copy and return it to you.

TESCO Online Bill 2023:

Its staff works around the clock, seven days a week, to deliver public key (reliable) power to tribal settlements. The process of paying an online TESCO bill takes a lengthy time in the modern world.

This is the most cumbersome and constrained mode of payment because you have to first visit a post office or a bank and wait in line. You also receive your monthly bill seldom, which results in missed payments for the month. If you don’t pay your payment on time, you’ll also lose electricity.

Utilizing Easypaisa for online bill payment:

To use Easypaisa to pay your bill, just adhere to these simple instructions.

  • Log in to your Easypaisa account or application.
  • Then choose Pay Bills.
  • Select Enter on the following box to pay a new online TESCO bill.
  • Simply click “Electricity.”
  • Then pick TESCO.
  • At this point, enter your 14-digit Reference Number or just scan it off the Bill.
  • Now, it will immediately show you all the facts (bill, etc.). Click the confirm button to proceed and finish your payment.

JazzCash online bill payment:

  • Make use of your JazzCash account to get into the app.
  • Click on Utility Bills.
  • Select Electricity next.
  • Then pick TESCO.
  • The Reference Number should be 14 digits long.
  • You will now get a detailed breakdown of the bill. Click OK or Confirm to submit payment for the bill.

Paying TESCO bills via bank app:

To make an online payment for your TESCO power bills, use the bank app and adhere to the instructions.

  • Download the banking app and create an account.
  • After login into the app, choose the option for bill payment.
  • Enter the reference number after choosing TESCO as the company name.
  • Continue making debt payments.
  • The app will send you a message letting you know when you’ve paid the bill through email.

14 Digits Reference Number:

To check your TESCO electricity bill online, locate your reference number on your statement. It will be a box on the bill with a 14-digit number written in it, often in the top corner.

Online TESCO bill calculator:

In addition to the options for downloading and printing your TESCO online bill, you may use a TESCO online bill calculator to get your total.

About TESCO:

PEPCO and the Department of Energy randomly regulate the distribution firm Electricity Supply Corporation (TESCO) in the tribal territories (Energy Division). In August 2004, it was established. Among breeding organizations and FRs, its area of expertise is the foremost.

It is the only business in the area offering power to customers. Employees of Tesco perform all construction work on the 132/66 kV and 11 kV transmission lines. Peshawar has done a fantastic job of keeping it, much like Tesco’s SS & TL section. There are five operational departments, a sales department, an SS&TL division, an M&T division, and a construction division.

Areas Facilitated by TESCO:

TESCO is an electric supply firm (standard agency) situated in Peshawar that facilitates the provision of energy to tribal and FATA areas, including the following cities:

  • Bajaur Agency
  • Miran Shah
  • Parachinar
  • Wana
  • Razmak
  • Sadda
  • Lower Dir
  • Landi Kotal
  • Mir Ali Mirali
  • Jandola
  • Ladha
  • Makin
  • And much more

Customer Support: 

Additionally, you can contact the TESCO helpdesk if you need immediate assistance with an electrical issue through TESCO online complaints support team.

091-9212987 091-9212006

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can we use CNIC to pay the Tesco bill?

No, you cannot pay your account using the CNIC option, although electricity companies are working to make improvements to their consumer-friendly method. Thus, up to this point, just the reference number may be used to pay your bill.

How can bills be paid online?

Mobile applications may be used to pay bills, but a bank account is required. You cannot use the Easypaisa app to make a payment if you don’t have a bank account. The Easypaisa android app has all other Wapda invoices; Tesco is the only one that is missing. So, don’t worry; you may also make a physical payment at any bank.

Can Tesco just supply electricity to tribal areas?

No, while it offers Fata and sounding places, its name is similar to tribal areas.

How do I check my Tesco bill online?

Check your bill by entering the reference number you were provided. Finding the paper bill is rather simple.


Because there is only one Wapda firm that delivers power to the residents of agencies, we came to the conclusion that Tribal Area Electric Company is the greatest Wapda company.

If you have any connections to tribal areas, you must use the online duplicate Wapda billing services. I hope your queries related to TESCO and how to check and pay TESCO bills are cleared now. Kindly let us know if you still have any queries or encounter any problems related to TESCO online bill.

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