Check Your PTCL Bill Online Status:

You may immediately determine whether or not your PTCL bill has been paid by accessing your PTCL bill online. You may check the status by entering your phone number or account ID. Customers of PTCL may see the most recent bill on website. On your desktop computer, mobile device, or any other device that supports the most recent interference, you can quickly check PTCL bill online.

اپنا پی ٹی سی ایل کا بل چیک کرنے کے لئے نیچے دیے گے بٹن کو پریس کر دیں

PTCL Subscriber Information


PTCL Duplicate Bill:

PTCL Duplicate Bill (Dbill) is a service that PTCL offers its customers. By entering their PTCL number and PTCL account ID, customers can quickly obtain a duplicate PTCL bill. Both your EVO/CharJi and Landline bills may be searched there. The information will appear on your screen in a matter of seconds.

To print PTCL bill online, you’ll then require PDF Acrobat Reader. When you click the Print PTCL Bill option, a new window displaying your PTCL bill PDF format will appear, allowing you to save or print the bill simply. There are several ways to pay PTCL bills online, whether online or offline, as you want.

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Online Bill Payment Methods for PTCL:

Your PTCL Evo bills and Landline bills may be paid in a variety of ways, and paying online is a simple process. The list to pay online PTCL bill is provided below.

Pay PTCL Bills Online Using the Easypaisa App:

  • Open the app and log into your Easypaisa account.
  • Open the first entry under “Bill Payments” in the available list.
  • The new screen will now show; select “Telephone” from the second menu item.
  • The dropdown menu will appear, and you will choose “PTCL.”
  • When prompted, enter the account ID for the bill that is listed on your PTCL bill and choose “get bill.”
  • You are now on the last stage, and your bill status will be shown when you hit the “Get bill” button. If it isn’t, press the “Pay bill” button, put your pin code in, and send the bill.

Jazz Cash APP for PTCL Online Bill Payment:

  • Open the app and log onto your Jazz Cash account.
  • Open the second entry in the list that says “Pay Bills.”
  • There are several categories linked to paying bills on the new screen. You’ll select “Telephone” as your choice.
  • The pop-up window will then open, allowing you to choose between PTCL Landline and PTCL Vfone Prepaid as your payment provider. As I now utilize PTCL’s wired landline internet connection, I will choose the first choice in my situation.
  • Enter the “consumer reference number” (also known as the “Account ID”) from your PTCL bill and then touch the Next button.
  • At last, you will see the status of your bills. Enter your MPIN code to complete an online bill payment transaction if you wish to pay your bills.

PTCL Bill Through Digital Banking:

Through your Digital Banking channels, pay your PTCL bill. You don’t need to go away from your home because PTCL enables you to pay your bill via your bank’s mobile application or website. Simply adhere to these straightforward guidelines to quickly pay PTCL bill through digital banking.


  • Use your login information and a password to access your bank account on the bank’s website.
  • From the menu, choose Payment.
  • In the Bill payee type, choose Broadband and Telephone.
  • Select the service you are going to pay for from the list of Bill Payee names.
  • Enter Your Information
  • From the Pay menu, select “Make new Payment.”

Bank App:

  • PTCL Bill Payment is available.
  • Add your account ID, then select next.
  • Review the billing information, then click the next button.
  • Fill out the OTP to pay your bill.

Check PTCL bill through SMS:

  • Send the following SMS message to 90179 (from your registered mobile number):
  • (Bill <space> PSTN#)
  • Before entering your PTCL number with an area code like this, write Bill and leave a space (Bill 0421234567).
  • Following that, you will receive a response with a URL that will allow you to see your duplicate PTCL bill.

About PTCL:

Pakistan’s biggest communications services supplier is Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL). It provides a variety of fixed line, mobile, internet, and TV services and is the only integrated telecommunications services provider in the nation. PTCL is one of the biggest networks of its kind in Asia. PTCL boasts a national network of over 45,000 kilometres of optical fibre. With more than 5 million users, PTCL also has an expanding mobile network.

In addition to its consumer offerings, Datacom, IPTV, and VPN services are just a few of the corporate solutions that PTCL offers. PTCL is in a good position to address the communications demands of Pakistan’s expanding economy because of its wide variety of goods and services.

PTCL Helpline Number:

If you want to complain or you have any issues you can contact on PTCL helpline number which is 111 20 20 20.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How can I obtain a duplicate PTCL bill?

You only need to provide your PTCL phone number and PTCL Account ID, which you can find on your previous PTCL statement, in order to obtain a duplicate PTCL bill.

Am I able to download the PTCL bill online?

Your PTCL bill is available for download online, yes. Any PDF file viewer will do to save and print your bill. You may quickly download your PTCL bill by going to DBill and providing them with your phone number and account ID.

Where can I see my PTCL bill online?

Fill out the form at the top of this page to check your PTCL bill online. After entering your PTCL number and Account ID, press the “Search” button.

Where do I find my PTCL ID?

Your PTCL ID, which consists of 12 to 15 digits, may be found in the upper right corner of your previous PTCL bill.

What is the MDN number for PTCL?

On the back of your PTCL device, you’ll discover the MDN or Mobile Directory Number.

Without an ID, how can I search for my PTCL bill?

By going here, you may check your PTCL bill without an ID. Then decide which services you want the information on your bill for.

How can I find out my login and password for PTCL?

The rear of your PTCL device has a place where you may check your login and password. Typically, “admin” is used as the default username and password. Read the PTCL Login page for more information, where we’ve included a solution in case you lose your login or password.


This post discussed the PTCL bill, the PTCL complaint, and how to obtain a duplicate PTCL bill. Following the instructions in this post will make it simple for you to check your PTCL bill online. Please feel free to ask any further questions in the comment area below.

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