Check Online SNGPL Duplicate Bill:

You may check SNGPL bill online on the website if you use their services and your SNGPL bill isn’t delivered on time. Sometimes a customer lives in a place where bills are frequently delivered beyond the due date; as a result, the customer is unable to pay the bill on time and must pay the late fee.

This problem also affects the locations where the new gas connection is placed. SNGPL offers a remedy for this issue via its online service. For this service, all you require is a consumer number. If you are a new customer, you will receive your consumer number from the demand notice/challan form. The consumer number is written on your most recent bill enter that and Get SNGPL duplicate bill


It is a safe practice to obtain a duplicate gas bill or to verify your bill online.

  • To begin, choose the “Check SNGPL Duplicate Bill” option below.
  • The customer number should be required to be entered here.
  • Select the submit button after inputting the customer number.
  • Your bill will then appear in a pop-up window after that.
  • From here, you may view or print a copy of your bill so that you can send it in before the deadline.

اپنا بل چیک کرنے کے لئے نیچے دیے گے بٹن کو پریس کریں


SNGPL Bill Payment Methods:

6.5 million customers are served by the large network known as SNGPL. Sui gas has become a necessary commodity. It is the most affordable and dependable source of energy. Additionally, it produces less pollution than other sources. You must pay your account on time after you sign up as an SNGPL subscriber. The SNGPL bill payment mechanism is the subject of this discussion. Let me go into further depth.

How to Pay SNGPL Bills:

The Sui gas bill can be paid in a number of different ways. These approaches are all straightforward and uncomplicated. Nearly every Sui gas consumer may pay their account promptly if they are aware of all these options. Your gas bill can be paid by:

  • Post Office
  • Bank
  • Easypaisa Shop
  • Online method

Paying SNGPL Bills Through the Post Office:

It is both the safest and oldest means of paying bills. When you get the Sui gas bill, you should go to your local post office. When you go to the post office, keep the law with you. After viewing the due date, the post office representative takes the bill and submits it. Pay the representative the prescribed sum shown on the bill. Following formal stamping, the representative will return the user copy of the invoice to you. Your invoice has now been sent.

Bill payment via Bank:

Payment of bills with a bank account is a convenient and natural way to pay your bills. The prior approach and this one are fairly similar. Today, a number of banks operate in both commercial and residential locations. Since the number of SNGPL customers is growing daily, the post office’s capacity to process bill payments is becoming inadequate. In order to help the consumer, numerous banks are working on this. You can submit the bill before the due date by going to your local bank (MCB, HBL, BOP, BAHL, NBP, etc.).

Internet and Mobile Banking:

All of the top commercial banks provide their registered customers with online bill payment options. Online banking and mobile banking are the simplest and most common methods for paying gas bills online. Through their online and mobile banking services, almost all commercial banks in Pakistan—HBL, UBL, and Standard Chartered Bank—allow their clients to make payments online.

You must log in and choose the Pay bill option if you have already activated Internet banking. Download mobile app from the bank where your account is kept is another option for doing this. On your smartphone, launch the application and choose the preferred payment option. To finish the online payment, enter the Customer ID, Transaction Code, and Reference Number.

Paying bills through an Easypaisa shop:

Your consumer ID will be requested by the salesperson. After providing the customer number, pay the account in full and then submit your proposal.

Easypaisa Online Billing: 

There’s no need to move out of your home to use this approach. No matter where you are, you can pay your bill whenever you want. You may pay your bill using your mobile device if you have an Easypaisa account and are a Telenor client. The phases in this process are as follows;

  • Press *786# on your dial pad to call.
  • Select the Bill Payment option next.
  • Then pick Gas as the third option.
  • Choose SNGPL Consumer Bill
  • Submit your customer number.
  • Then, input the payment amount and click “OK.”
  • After that, the confirmation message will be delivered to you.

Bill Payment through JazzCash:

You may utilize e-wallets and pay bills online using Jazz Cash, one of the most well-liked online payment systems in Pakistan.

You must make plans to pay your gas bills online if you utilize Mobilink.

  • Dial # 786 *
  • Choose Bill Payment
  • Define the account type 
  • Pick a company
  • Then enter the reference number.
  •  Examine the transaction.
  •  Type your MPIN to verify.

If you do not currently use Mobilink, you may still easily download the JazzCash mobile app and register by clicking Register. Before entering your reference number, establish an MPIN and choose the type of bill you wish to pay with the business (SNGPL). Before clicking on the screen to finish the online payment, double-check your information.

Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL): 

In Lahore, Pakistan, a private limited corporation known as Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) was established. SNGPL was incorporated as a public limited company in January 1964 under the Companies Act of 1913. The Companies Act of 2017 currently governs its operations, and it is listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX).

SNGPL Complaints Procedure:

If you have received, are experiencing any problems with your gas connection, or have been the victim of incorrect billing by SNGPL, you should file a complaint so that the proper action may be taken promptly and your issue can be rectified. The complaint process may also be helpful if you are experiencing low gas pressure relative to other users of surrounding properties, etc. The online complaint method is a quick and efficient process. It is a quick solution to your issue.


  • Visit SNGPL’s official website or click the icon below to get there.
  • First, choose a category that is compliant.
  • Choose the conforming kind next.
  • Submit your customer number. Your bill bears a printout of this number.
  • Enter the customer’s name and address after that.
  • Enter the landline number you use.
  • Next, type in your mobile number.
  • Then, make a note of your email address.
  • Select the complaint information after that.
  • Mention your closest landmark after this.
  • Type the name of your district.
  • Then type the name of your city.
  • The captcha picture will finally appear. Enter this picture with caution.
  • Finally, to file your complaint, click the submit button.
  • The fields marked with an asterisk (*) are visible while filling out the form. These fields must be completed and are required.
  • Enter your data accurately. Make sure the data you are adding is accurate.
  • An illustration of the complaint registration form is shown below.

FAQs Section:

Is it necessary for all SNGPL debts to be paid in full before transferring a gas connection?


How much time will it take to finish the transfer of the gas connection?

The connection is transferred until the following billing cycle following the submission of applications and the necessary papers.

Whom should I call if there is an unusual delay in the transfer of the gas connection?

The concerned person of SNGPL’s Business Development Department is in charge of processing applications for the transfer of gas connections in a timely manner.

My request to move my gas connection is not being handled in a timely manner.

There might be a number of causes, including incomplete or unpaid bills and other factors.

Can a customer use the transfer of the Sui Gas Connection to prove ownership or tenancy in any setting?


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