How to check SSGC bill online:

You can view your most recent or current SSGC bill. Only the 10-digit SSGCC customer number found on your past bills has to be entered. To check SSGC bill online, follow these steps:

Please enter your 10-digit Customer Number to view your Gas bill:

  • Visit the for the SSGC bill.
  • Consumer Number, 10 digits, please.
  • To see the details of your bill, click the “Check Bill” button.
  • The bill amount and due date are shown here (last date of payment)
ssgc bill

How to Get a Duplicate SSGC Bill:

You may obtain a SSGC duplicate bill by following a few straightforward procedures. You only need to:

  • To start, have a look at the reference number that will be visible at the top of your most recent SSGC bill. Since the numbers have just changed, take out the most recent bill to make sure your reference number is current.
  • After entering the reference number into the box, your bill will be generated shortly.
  • By clicking CTRL+P after your bill has been created, you may now quickly see, download, and print SSGC duplicate bill online

SSGC Bill Payment Methods:

6.5 million customers are served by the large network known as SSGC. Sui gas has become a necessary commodity. It is the most affordable and dependable source of energy. Additionally, it produces less pollution than other sources. You must pay your account on time after you sign up as an SSGC subscriber. The SSGC bill payment mechanism is the subject of this discussion. Let me go into further depth.

How to Pay SSGC Bills:

The Sui gas bill can be paid in a number of different ways. These approaches are all straightforward and uncomplicated. Nearly every Sui gas consumer may pay their account promptly if they are aware of all these options. Your gas bill can be paid by:

  • Bank
  • Easypaisa Shop
  • Online method

Bill payment via Bank:

Payment of bills with a bank account is a convenient and natural way to pay your bills. The prior approach and this one are fairly similar. Today, a number of banks operate in both commercial and residential locations. Since the number of SSGC customers is growing daily, the post office’s capacity to process bill payments is becoming inadequate. In order to help the consumer, numerous banks are working on this. You can submit the bill before the due date by going to your local bank (MCB, HBL, BOP, BAHL, NBP, etc.).

Internet and Mobile Banking:

All of the top commercial banks provide their registered customers with online bill payment options. Online banking and mobile banking are the simplest and most common methods for paying gas bills online. Through their online and mobile banking services, almost all commercial banks in Pakistan—HBL, UBL, and Standard Chartered Bank—allow their clients to make payments online.

You must log in and choose the Pay bill option if you have already activated Internet banking. Download mobile app from the bank where your account is kept is another option for doing this. On your smartphone, launch the application and choose the preferred payment option. To finish the online payment, enter the Customer ID, Transaction Code, and Reference Number.

Paying bills through an Easypaisa shop:

Your consumer ID will be requested by the salesperson. After providing the customer number, pay the account in full and then submit your proposal.

Easypaisa Online Billing: 

There’s no need to move out of your home to use this approach. No matter where you are, you can pay your bill whenever you want. You may pay your bill using your mobile device if you have an Easypaisa account and are a Telenor client. The phases in this process are as follows;

  • Press *786# on your dial pad to call.
  • Select the Bill Payment option next.
  • Then pick Gas as the third option.
  • Choose SSGC
  • Submit your customer number.
  • Then, input the payment amount and click “OK.”
  • After that, the confirmation message will be delivered to you.

Bill Payment through JazzCash:

You may utilize e-wallets and pay bills online using Jazz Cash, one of the most well-liked online payment systems in Pakistan.

You must make plans to pay your gas bills online if you utilize Mobilink.

  • Dial # 786 *
  • Choose Bill Payment
  • Define the account type 
  • Pick a company
  • Then enter the reference number.
  • Examine the transaction.
  •  Type your MPIN to verify.

If you do not currently use Mobilink, you may still easily download the JazzCash mobile app and register by clicking Register. Before entering your reference number, establish an MPIN and choose the type of bill you wish to pay with the business (SSGC). Before clicking on the screen to finish the online payment, double-check your information.

SSGC Bill Email Service: 

By providing your SMS number and a customer no, you may sign up for a monthly bill check online. You will then get your bill through SMS each month before the due date. This SSGC official website is where you should go if you’re interested in finding bill SMS.

SSGC Bill Calculator:

You may now simply determine what your bill will be if it hasn’t been created yet and you’re worried about what it might be. Your estimated bill will be created in a matter of seconds after you enter the quantity of gas you believe your property has used.

About Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC):

In Pakistan, two distinct businesses called SSGC and SNGPL are in charge of supplying and distributing natural gas to diverse areas. Both of these businesses now provide online services to customers to make it simple for them to acquire duplicate bills, make payments online, file complaints online, etc.

Pakistan’s top integrated gas business, Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC), is a publicly traded Large Scale Company (LSC). In southern Pakistan, it is supplying natural gas to two provinces:

  • Sindh
  • Balochistan

It started off in 1955. Three pioneering firms, Sui Gas Transmission Corporation Limited, Karachi Gas Company Limited, and Indus Gas Company Limited were merged to create the company in its current form on March 30, 1989.

Areas Under SSGC Bill:

Balochistan and Sindh, two Pakistani provinces, are included in the SSGC bill. Delivering Sui gas to a large number of residents across more than 1200 towns in these provinces.

SSGC Helpline Number:

If you have a question that has to be answered, you may now reach SSGC with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQs):

Can I evaluate the SSGC invoice using my CNIC or cellphone number?

No, you can only use the customer number to test it.

I want to modify the name on my SSGC invoice. How can I accomplish that?

You can make a request for a title change by going to the nearest office. The title may be changed using the same process as a new connection.

What is the SSGC Helpline?

These are the phone numbers for the SSGC’s helpline: 1199, 99021000

Can I pay my SSGC utility bill?

Your current bill is not suitable for payment, but if you have outstanding debts (arrears) on your bill, you may be allowed to receive payments for that amount, you will also be required to pay interest in accordance with your current bank rates.

How can I submit a request for a bill correction?

You are welcome to visit the closest SSGC office and explain your position if you think the sum on your bill is incorrect.


It is conceivable for the mailman to lose your bill or deliver it late because there are many bills that need to be delivered to many locations. It’s also likely that you’ll receive your SSGC bill right before it’s due and will need to pay it right away to avoid incurring late fees. We finally have a fix for your issues, though! Your duplicate bill will be created online in just a few seconds once you provide your customer number.

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