WASA Hyderabad Bill

How to check WASA bill Hyderabad online?

For the benefit of its customers, the Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) has implemented an online bill-check system. Due to address-related complications, it occasionally happens that you either lose your bill or are unable to receive it. Or perhaps your bill got lost since you weren’t home.

Our website will provide you with comprehensive guidance on how to handle such circumstances. Here, you may quickly pay or check WASA bill online. Your 15-digit consumer number is required in order to obtain a copy of your WASA Hyderabad bill. On this page, it’s simple to check and pay your Hyderabad WASA bill online. You may also quickly create a duplicate WASA Hyderabad bill to prevent late payments.

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Online Hyderabad WASA Duplicate Bill:

You are at the correct place since you can check out the WASA Hyderabad duplicate bill online for free. You must have a fifteen-digit Consumer No if you wish to obtain a copy of your bill. An issue arises when WASA bills are not paid on time or are paid after the due date. You may now view and download your WASA online bill here to prevent late payment penalties and the cutting off your WASA connection.

اپنا بل چیک کرنے کے لئے نیچے دیے گے بٹن کو پریس کریں

WASA Hyderabad Bill

WASA Hyderabad Bill Payment Methods: 

The client does not need to visit the bank each time he has to pay a bill. WASA Hyderabad offers billing services across practically all of the following internet platforms:

  • Apps
  • Websites
  • Websites for banks
  • NADRA website
  • Via a retailer

Let’s talk about using applications that how to pay WASA Hyderabad bills online. Many businesses release applications specifically to help individuals pay their power bills. The JazzCash and Easypaisa apps are included. Let’s talk about how we can use these applications to pay our WASA Hyderabad bills online.

Paying a bill at Wasa Hyderabad using the Jazz Cash app

  • Decide whether to pay your bills.
  • Pick WASA for the company name.
  • Then provide a reference number.
  • Continue making debt payments.

After making the payment, wait until you hear from WASA regarding your bill before determining if it has been paid or not.

Paying a bill at Wasa Hyderabad using the Easypaisa app

  • Select Add Bill under the “Pay Your Bills” link.
  • Put the reference number in
  • Continue making debt payments.
  • Hold off until you hear if the transaction went successful
  • Before utilizing the Jazz Cash app to pay any invoices, make sure your account has been verified. If you don’t physically visit the merchant and finish your account’s biometric verification, the transactions won’t take place.

Paying a bill at Wasa Hyderabad using bank apps:

To better serve their consumers, several banks have established their applications. Through mobile banking applications, one may pay WASA Hyderabad online bills. Let’s go into the specifics of how we can use these applications to pay our bills.

Here are few Simple Steps to Follow:.

  • Select WASA under the “Pay bills” section.
  • Please provide the reference number.
  • Continue making debt payments.
  • The app will send you a message letting you know when you’ve paid the bill through email.

Paying a bill at Wasa Hyderabad using bank websites:

Follow the instructions provided to pay your invoices via the bank website.

  • Pick the link “Pay Your Bills.”
  • Input the details of your credit card.
  • Please provide the reference number.
  • Continue making debt payments.
  • You will receive the confirmation email soon.

Paying Bills at WASA Hyderabad through Shop:

WASA payments may also be made by customers at a store. Follow the instructions to make this happen.

  • Visit a nearby retailer with your duplicate bill showing the sum owing together with the original copy.
  • Give him your phone number, and the business will settle the bill.
  • A notification verifying the transaction’s success will arrive in your SMS.

Through the NADRA Portal:

  • Go to the menu for paying bills.
  • Send in your customer id.
  • Type in your CNIC number and account information.
  • Continue making debt payments.

WASA Bill SMS Service: 

By providing your SMS number and account number, you may sign up for a monthly bill. You will then get your invoice through SMS each month before the due date. This WASA Hyderabad official website is where you should go if you’re looking for invoice SMS.

WASA Hyderabad Helpline Number:

WASA Hyderabad helpline number is 0229200106.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

No, simply check it with the account number.

You can request a title change by going to the nearest office. The title may be changed using the same process as a new connectio

The WASA helpline’s phone number is as follows: 1334

Your current bill is not suitable for payment, but if you have outstanding debts (arrears) on your invoice, you may be allowed to receive payments for that amount, albeit you will also be required to pay interest in accordance with your current bank rates.

You are welcome to visit the local WASA Hyderabad office and explain your position if you think the sum on your bill is incorrect.


Before 1977, the responsibility for providing water supply and sewerage services to the citizen of Hyderabad was lying through the agency of the Public Health Engineering Department and then the same was transferred to Hyderabad Municipal Corporation.

But still, the people of Hyderabad are facing water supply issues. But the good thing is that the billing system of WASA Hyderabad is easy. You can easily check and pay WASA Hyderabad Bill in different ways discussed above in this article.

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