WASA Lahore Bill

WASA Bill Lahore Check Online:

WASA Lahore offers its clients the free option of checking their bills online. Simply enter the eight account numbers from the bill into the blank area below, then click the “Submit” button. If you don’t get or misplace your monthly bill, our WASA Lahore bill tool may be helpful.

اپنا بل چیک کرنے کے لئے سرچ بار میں8 ہندوسوں کا اکاؤنٹ نمبر انٹر کریں اس کے بعد سبمٹ بٹن کو پریس کر دیں

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You can Check your latest bill of : MEPCO , IESCO , LESCO , PESCO , HESCO , GEPCO , QESCO , SEPCO , TESCO , FESCO.

There’s no need to spend much time and energy traveling to WASA’s office in order to seek an additional bill at your neighborhood WASA office. The monthly WASA bill is available for access anytime and from any location.

Duplicate WASA bill Online:

We’ll provide you with a comprehensive walkthrough of your duplicate WASA Lahore bill online on this website. Simply type your 8-digit reference number into the reference field box and select “create duplicate bill” from the menu. By hitting CTRL+P, you may now obtain a duplicate copy of your billing statement.

Link your printer and computer together. Choose page designs. Decide on A4 size paper. Then press the “print” button. No need to leave the house to pay your payments any longer. Additionally, you can receive your bill through SMS or email.

WASA Lahore Bill

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WASA Lahore Bill Payment Methods:

WASA Lahore provides new services regarding online bill payment via different channels and means. You don’t need to worry about the bill payment if you don’t have enough time to visit the bank. Customers of municipal groups may now obtain billing information and make online payments thanks to the smartphone app launch. The following platforms can be accessible.

  • Mobile banking
  • Jazz Cash
  • Easypaisa app
  • Bank website

Now, we will be able to pay online bills. We will guide you on how to pay WASA Lahore bills online. Following are the details of the procedure and useful method to efficiently pay your WASA Lahore bills online.

Paying a bill at Wasa Lahore using bank apps:

Now dive into the details of mobile banking application usage and its implications. You can pay your WASA Lahore online bills using the mobile app, which is helpful for tracking your paying data and avoiding the hustle.

You have to follow the significant instructions given on the app and provide correct information to prevent any issues.

  • Get the banking application. After registering, create your own profile on the app.
  • Choose “Pay Bill” from the menu.
  • Select WASA
  • Type the reference number in.
  • Keep up the debt payments.
  • The app will notify you via email that you have made a payment for your bill.

Paying a bill at Wasa Lahore using the Jazz Cash app:

It’s the simple method of paying your WASA Lahore online bill. Get the app and activate the account before paying your invoices. Follow the instructions below:

  • Register your account completely
  • Go to the option for paying the bills, and select the company name.
  • The application starts to proceed by adding the reference number
  • Tab on continuing the debt
  • When the application has been completed, you will be notified after the process.

Paying a bill at Wasa Lahore using the Easypaisa app

  • As you know, creating a profile is an initial process. You have to add your CNIC number to access the account.
  • Choose the option for Pay Your Bills, tab on the added bill to add the reference number
  • Continue the process of paying the debt
  • On completion, you will see a pop-up notification for confirmation of payment.

Paying a bill at Wasa Lahore using bank websites:

  • Tab on the option Pay the bills. You will be asked to add your credit card number information.
  • Continue making debt payments.
  • You will receive the confirmation email soon.
  • WASA payments may also be made by customers at a store. Follow the instructions to make this happen.
  • Visit a nearby retailer with your duplicate bill showing the sum owed and the original copy. Share your information, and the retailer will pay the invoice.
  • After that, you will receive a notification through SMS verifying the transaction’s success.

WASA Bill SMS Service:

By providing your SMS number and account number, you may sign up for a monthly bill. You will then get your invoice through SMS each month before the due date. This WASA Lahore official website is where you should go if you’re looking for invoice SMS.

About WASA Lahore:

In 1976, the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) founded WASA Lahore. Generally speaking, the goal is to plan, build, develop, and manage Lahore’s water supply, sewerage, and drainage infrastructure. About 6200 WASA workers are working in a variety of fields. WASA makes money by selling water, sewage, and aquifer services. Additionally, the Punjab Government is in charge of approving changes to user fees and the budget. The government’s financial policies and procedures also apply to the approval of expenditures and purchases.

WASA Lahore Services:

WASA Lahore provides the following services in an effort to make the city of Lahore cleaner and more environmentally friendly:

  • Delivering standard consumer services for water and sewage systems.
  • Obtaining cost-effective solutions for development, operation, and maintenance.
  • Ensuring moral conduct in the workplace and making efforts to eradicate corruption.
  • It becomes self-sustainable when sufficient income is generated to cover the non-development costs.
  • Educating and inspiring their staff.

WASA Lahore Helpline:

The phone number for the WASA Lahore Helpline is 1334. If you have any water or sewer services problems, call Helpline 1334, which is open from Monday to Sunday from 8 AM to 11 PM. The phone number for WASA Lahore is (042) 99268439.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

No, simply check it with the account number.

You can request a title change by going to the nearest office. The title may be changed using the same process as a new connection.

The WASA helpline’s phone number is as follows: 1334

Your current bill is not suitable for payment, but if you have outstanding debts (arrears) on your invoice, you may be allowed to receive payments for that amount, albeit you will also be required to pay interest in accordance with your current bank rates.

You are welcome to visit the local WASA Lahore office and explain your position if you think the sum on your bill is incorrect.


WASA offers accessible services to its clients, including the ability to pay their payments online. There are occasions when you might not be home, or you might never get your bill. You don’t need to worry because you are aware of the WASA Lahore bill now that you have read this post.

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