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HESCO stands for Hyderabad Electric Supply Company and it is associated with the government’s Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA). Everybody knows the struggle of standing in long queues to pay the bill so that they don’t cut off your power supply. But those slow processing days are now over. You can now do the HESCO online bill payment via various bill payment methods. It is also time and cost-saving at the same time while keeping you away from the hustle of waiting for your turn in the line. During the COVID-19 outbreak, people got used to paying all their bills online because that’s when they got to know about its benefits.

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Enter Your Reference Number Without Space

How to check Monthly HESCO Bill Online?

In this article, we’ll explain how to pay HESCO bills online. How to check the HESCO bill online? And answer your other important questions. Please read further to get ahold of the complete knowledge step-by-step.

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Checking your HESCO electricity bill online is not a problem at all. In fact, everybody can check their bills online by following very simple steps. This guide includes the residential, commercial, and industrial HESCO bill check. But to follow the steps given below, you need to have your consumer ID which is a 14-digit reference number printed on your bill. This reference number keeps a record of your entire billing history and current due amount.

  1. Open your mobile browser and search for the ebillcheck.pk website.
  2. Open the HESCO billing page on their website.
  3. If you can’t find the page there, just type this query “HESCO online bill check” in the browser search bar.
  4. Once you get to the desired page, Enter your 14-digit reference number in the given field.
  5. When you click “Enter” the website will automatically open your latest due bill from the database of the HESCO online bill check 2023.
  6. Now you can download your bill’s soft copy in PDF file format or you can take a screenshot of that copy.
  7. If you are an industrialist and want to know about your daily, weekly, and monthly electricity costs separately. You can also see all those details on this page.
HESCO online bill

What is a reference number and how to find it?

An electricity consumer’s reference number is their ID in the HESCO database. They keep records of previous billing information as well as the current bill status against this reference number. This is a 14-digit code with an alphabet at the end that can be seen on any of your previous bills. It is printed above the name and address section of the consumer below the consumer ID. This number never changes, so keep it saved somewhere because you will need this number every time. Because whenever you retrieve your current bill or even pay your HESCO bill online this number will be required in the first place.

HESCO Duplicate Bill

Sometimes, your original hard-formed bill doesn’t make it to your house. Even if it does, people lose it for whatever reasons. But what to do if that happens, one obvious solution to this problem is the online duplicate copy of your current bill. This can be retrieved with your phone, laptop, or computer easily at your home with just an internet connection and some clicks. Below is the complete and simple guide to getting the HESCO Bill Online.

  1. Go to your browser, and search for ebillcheck.pk
  2. Click on the customer care option and select HESCO duplicate bill option.
  3. You will see an empty form requiring your information, enter your reference number there.
  4. Click “Submit” (It will generate an online duplicate copy of your HESCO bill)
  5. You can now download your duplicate copy of the bill or even directly print it from there.

How to register a complaint in HESCO?

Complaints can be registered at HESCO via different methods. The first and the most used method is from their website. They have a different section for complaints where you fill in all the details and register it on their website or to check HESCO online bill date. The other method is to call their official complaint numbers and tell them about your problem. Lastly, you can visit HESCO during office hours of the working days to register your complaint. 

From whatever method you use to register your complaint, you will get a tracking ID. That tracking ID will be used as a reference number of the complaint to track the actions taken about your problem. Save that tracking number for later use if there is any delay in the action or you just want the update about it.

HESCO online payment

HESCO bills can be paid via two payment gateways. One is paying online and the second is paying it offline. HESCO online bill payment gives so many payment options and is a lot more convenient than offline. Because there’s no point in standing in a queue and waiting for your turn when you can do that in a few clicks.

Online payment method

Paying the HESCO bill online is very convenient and easy. Because all you need is a mobile device with stable internet and your reference number. After getting all these requirements, you will just need to follow a few simple steps and it will be done.

Let’s see what are some of the most famous and convenient HESCO bill payment methods.

Online HESCO bill payment via banking apps?

Following are the simple steps to pay via bank apps.

  1. Download the respective mobile banking app on your phone.
  2. Open the app from your home screen and create your account on it.
  3. You will see several options there, select the online bill payment option to open the further dialog box.
  4. Now fill in all the required details and the HESCO bill calculator will show you your due date and the total bill.
  5. Please read all the information about each app as it is always different according to the company.

HESCO bill payment via credit cards

Now you can pay HESCO bills through credit card by visiting the respective bank’s official website. Follow the simple steps given below to make your online electricity bill payment via credit card.

  1. Open the bank’s website in which you have your account.
  2. Select the “online bill payment” button to navigate to that menu.
  3. Press the “Add Bill” option from the menu.
  4. Enter all the required details.
  5. When you’re done with paying the bill, take a screenshot of that receipt for the record.

HESCO bill payment via Jazz Cash

Following are some of the very simple steps to pay electricity bills online through JazzCash.

  1. Download and install the JazzCash app on your phone.
  2. Create an account (there’s no need to create an account if you already have one.)
  3. Go to the bill payment section.
  4. Choose the desired type of bill you want to pay.
  5. Select the company out of all the options (in this case HESCO), there are several electricity supplying companies in Pakistan.
  6. Fill the entry field with your reference number.
  7. Finally, allow the transaction after entering your 4-digit pin. You will see an online soft copy of the HESCO bill payment on the screen. Save it for record in PDF file format.

HESCO bill payment via JazzCash/Easy Paisa Retailer?

The process of paying electricity bills online through JazzCash or Easypaisa retailer 2023 is very simple. Follow the below steps and it will be done in minutes.

  1. Go to the retailer’s shop.
  2. Give the retailer a hard copy of the electricity bill or show them the online duplicate copy of your current bill. 
  3. Pay him the amount due printed on the bill. (There’s no need to pay more than what is printed on the bill)
  4. Tell him your mobile phone number.
  5. He’ll do the rest, once he’s done with confirmations, he’ll stamp the bill receipt.

Paying HESCO bill online through Jazz Cash code

Follow the steps below and pay your bills online.

  1. Dial *786# in your phone dial pad.
  2. Select “Bill Payment”.
  3. Choose your “Bill Type”
  4. Enter your country name.
  5. Enter reference number.
  6. Enter the pin code of your Jazz Cash account and it will be it.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check my electricity bill online in Pakistan?

Checking your current bill online in Pakistan or wherever you live, is not a problem now. You can check online HESCO bill 2023 with just your phone by following the above guide.

How do I change my name on my HESCO bill?

The procedure of changing your name on the HESCO bill is very easy. You only need to submit an application in that particular sub-division with all your documents attached and attested. Fill out the application form with suitable arguments and reasons why your name on the bill needs to be changed.


The early days were tough but technology has made everything so easy that now there’s no going back. We would have never thought of getting out of those queues but thanks to COVID-19, we are now free. You can get your HESCO online bill and pay it in the comfort of your home easily.

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