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The IESCO Bill Calculator, an online tool to assist with calculating power costs and verifying electricity bills issued by IESCO, offers this assistance. In conclusion, customers can create their free IESCO online account and quickly and securely verify it.

This tool is effective as it is critical to remember that the price you ultimately pay for electricity includes the cost of the electricity you use, the cost of producing the electricity, and other taxes.

IESCO Bill Calculator 2023

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The major objective of IESCO, also known as Islamabad Energy Supply Company, is to supply electricity to the Atok, Jhelum, and Neelam Valley regions from the Indus region to Kashmir. People want to know their power bills in advance so they can manage them correctly and on time because there will be a lot of consumers who will use the electricity from it. Therefore, methods for making IESCO billing calculations as soon as possible were developed.

How to Calculate IESCO Bill?

Check the instructions below if you want to figure out how much your IESCO bill will be each month.

  • The “calculate your bill” button should be clicked.
  • You will be directed to a website with several bill alternatives.
  • Decide on IESCO. After that, you’ll be taken to the estimation page.
  • You must enter the necessary details here, such as the quantity, phase, types, etc.
  • Click “Submit” once you have completed all the fields.
  • You will see a preview of your anticipated cost.

Your copy of the invoice includes a complete list of the fees. Every consumer category and kind is subject to a special tax. Therefore, to compute the actual number, ensure that you do so according to the correct pattern.

IESCO Tariff Guide

Here is a guide that illustrates how to define IESCO tariffs for each installation type in a specific connection. Costs for business premises, residential premises, or any form of electrical installation connection type vary.

IESCO Connection types

Different types of connections have been used to supply power or energy to an area based on the different unit charges. Following are the various IESCO connection types that have been used in a specific area:

  • A-1 GENERAL SUPPLY TARIFF – Residential
  • A-2 GENERAL SUPPLY TARIFF – Commercial
  • General Services
  • Industrial Supply Tariffs – Up To 25 kW (at 400/230 Volts)
  • Single Point Supply – For supply at 400/230 Volts
  • Temporary Supply Tariff
  • Seasonal Industrial Supply Tariff
  • Public Lighting
  • Agricultural Tariff
  • Residential Colonies that are attached to Industrial Premises
  • Railway Traction

IESCO peak hours

Due to the electricity supply and demand gap, IESCO’s peak hours are considered the most visible and particular time of the day. Peak hours are mainly defined as the time between 17:00 and 23:00. This is when the price of a unit increases from the standard cost of a unit mentioned in the IESCO tariff.

Meter Reading

You must be familiar with meter readings and how they operate. Electricity meters measure your usage in kilowatt hours (kWh). One unit is equal to one kilowatt-hour. Normally, your statement will include a unit cost that will be useful to you later on when we simplify the equation for you.

Your cost increases due to every electrical and electronic item in your home. You can identify whether the equipment costs far more than it need to perform your labeling. Your bills may be reduced as a result of this awareness, which may also lessen your invoices.

Meter services charges or rent

The cost of metering services supplied by MAP, which includes the cost of providing the meter and continuous costs of managing and maintaining the metering infrastructure, are covered by this fee, which electricity users must pay regularly. Customers only pay for their metering services thanks to this cost structure, which offers an easy way of evaluating cost collection.

IESCO Bill Unit Rates

The information on the aforementioned electrical connection types for residential and commercial buildings is shown in the following table.

S.No.No. of UnitPrice per unit
1Upto 502.00
6Above 70020.70

IESCO Bill Calculator Formula 2023

Utilizing the IESCO bill calculator is fairly simple. There is no set method for employing this instrument. With condo connections, however, unit costs fluctuate, which has an impact on the total payment.

For instance, you estimate an invoice for 50 units, but as more units are added, the estimate changes until you reach the final invoice. As a result, computations may be inaccurate as a result of incorrect data being entered.

Frequently Asked Questions 

There are several ways to lower your electricity bills. First, consumers must minimize leakage as this factor can greatly affect the units of electricity consumed by consumers. This will ultimately help reduce electricity costs. Second, since peak hours are when consumers spend more time than usual on unit prices, they should use as little electricity as possible during these times.

No, you are able to measure the estimated value of your bill in order to support the cost of the bill.

You can simply visit your nearest office and file a complaint via applying if you find any issue with the bill.


IESCO Bill Online Calculator is an online tool to help consumers calculate IESCO electricity bills. Consumers simply enter the number of electricity units in kilowatt-hours and the electricity price for the type of connection for the corresponding year, such as the IESCO electricity price for every kind of consumer and the type of connection installed at the consumer. This blog will aid you in calculating your bills online by using the IESCO Bill Calculator without any worries or confusion.

A practical method to determine your electricity bill for each unit of electricity you use is to compute your IESCO bill. You must understand that this information is accurate only as long as you don’t spend excessive money.

You can access the IESCO billing calculator online to verify the accuracy of your calculations. These calculators will quickly and easily inform you of how much you need to save as well as alert you if your spending exceeds the advised level. You won’t likely again compute your bills manually after using an IESCO online calculator.

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