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Lahore Electric Supply Company is known as LESCO. It is one of Pakistan’s biggest distributors of electricity. The regions of Lahore, Okara, Sheikhupura, Nankana, and Kasur it has transmission connections. The monthly billing cycle guarantees that customers pay for the power used at their residence or place of business in accordance with the LESCO tariff guide, which briefly mentions the LESCO unit prices for each unit utilized. The LESCO Bill Calculator is based on the most recent government-revised unit pricing.

LESCO Bill Calculator 2023

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It only takes a few easy steps to check LESCO bill online; simply go to the company’s official website and enter the fourteen-digit reference number were instructed on the screen. Customers can use the LESCO online bill calculator to determine their monthly obligations by entering the necessary data on the website. Customers can estimate their LESCO electricity bill by using the LESCO bill calculator online

LESCO Bill Calculator:

Consumers can use the LESCO unit calculator to predict how much their LESCO bill payments will be so they can plan their electricity usage appropriately. This electric bill calculator saves time and provides a quick, approximative answer. The customer must go to the official website, enter their LESCO Units Used, the LESCO Tariff Rate for that specific connection type, and choose the connection type for which they want to calculate the bill. When the customer clicks the submit button, the free LESCO bill calculator will then use the calculation formula. The projected due payment for the consumer power bill will be shown on the bill.

LESCO Tariff Guide:

The LESCO’s tariff guide has been authorized by NEPRA and announced by the Pakistani government. The schedule is accessible through LESCO offices or LESCO official websites. Customers may also request an earlier online publication of the timetable. Consumers can get information from LESCO regarding any applicable tariffs and inquiries.

Customers may apply within 30 days of advance to change their existing tariff if they want some adjustments made to the tariff guide for a specific connection. After that, they must deliver all the paperwork needed to modify the LESCO tariff guide When LESCO is happy with all the information customers have submitted and has verified it, it will authorize any requests for tariff changes.

Different LESCO Tariff kinds exist. The code can be found in the upper left corner of the LESCO bill.

  • A1(01): It represents the Domestic type of tariff
  • A1(03): It represents the Domestic type of tariff
  • A2(04): It represents the Commercial type of tariff
  • A2c (06)T: It represents the Commercial type of tariff
  • A3(66): It represents the General Services type of tariff
  • B1(07): It represents the Industrial type of tariff
  • B1(08): It represents the Industrial type of tariff
  • B2a (10), B2b, and B2a (11) represent the Industrial type of tariff.

How to Use the LESCO Bill Calculator:

Before filling out the LESCO Bill Calculator 2023 form, everyone should be aware of a few technical phrases. There are eight steps in all that needs to be covered. I’ll go into depth about each step down below.

Step 1: LESCO’s Connection Types:

Depending on the user’s needs, LESCO offers a variety of connections.

  • Temporary
  • Residential Colonies
  • Agriculture
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Domestic
  • General Services
  • Street Lights

Step 2: Phase Type:

The following step is to determine from the choices below what kind of Phase your LESCO connection has.

  • Single Phase Three Wire
  • Three Phase Four Wire Wye
  • Three Phase Three Wire Delta

Step 3: Number of Consumed Units:

Finding the number of consumed units and the number of units against which you wish to determine the bill is the next step. Typically, there are three units available.

  • Kilowatt Hour: The amount of energy used by one KW of electrical appliances in one hour. That is 3.6 MJ.
  • Kilovolt Amperes Reactive Hours: This unit is used to gauge an AC circuit’s power.
  • Maximum Demand Indicator: It calculates the amount of energy a consumer will use in a certain time frame.

Step 4: Service Rent:

This depends on your tariff plan. If your tariff plan allows it, you must give the service rent information.

Step 5: Meter Rent:

This depends on your tariff plan. You must supply the meter rent information if it applies to your tariff plan.

Step 6: TV Sets:

Whether you have any working TV sets on your connection will depend on this step. You can list how many TVs are included in your tariff package.

Step 7: Arrears:

It is the sum owed by the tariff plan’s owner and ought to have been paid sooner. You should fill it out if there is any money owed to you.

Step 8: Final Step:

The last step is to submit the information mentioned above in order to determine the LESCO bill.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

You will be charged the most during the time of day when there is the most demand for electricity. Typically, the on-peak hours last 10–12 hours in the summer and 4-5 hours in the winter.

You will only be charged a small amount during the time of day when electricity consumption is at its lowest. Typically, the off-peak times fall throughout the night.

Just visit our website ebillcheck.pk, now you are on homepage click on WADA after that click on LESCO Bill Online now in search bar enter your reference number and Press enter

You’ll need to be familiar with the following formulas to manually calculate your electricity bill: Watts = (amps) x (volts) Kilowatt-hours = (watts) x (usage) / 1000. Cost = (kilowatt-hours) x (electricity rate)

An electricity meter shows the amount of electricity used, much like your car’s odometer shows the actual mileage traveled. A 100-watt bulb will therefore consume the following amount of energy if it is left on for 10 hours. it will use the following amount of energy: 100 x 10 = 1000 Watt-Hour = 1 Kilowatt-Hour (kWH) = 1 unit (on your meter).


According to the LESCO connection type, LESCO offers electricity to its customers at various prices. When it comes to the connections for commercial, industrial, single-point supply, agriculture tariff, seasonal industrial supply tariffs, temporary supply tariffs, general services, public lighting, and residential colonies attached to industrial premises, rates may vary from year to year as determined by the LESCO tariff guide.

Numerous customers frequently attempt to keep track of the LESCO units used by various connection types. By calculating online LESCO electricity bills through the LESCO bill calculator, the LESCO online bill estimator aids them in keeping track of the units they have consumed. The LESCO bill estimator and LESCO pricing guide gives users the chance to view the anticipated cost of their electricity bill in real-time.

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