QESCO Bill Calculator

You can figure out how much each of your bills will cost with the QESCO bill calculator. By counting the utilized units of your residential connection, you can now predict the size of your forthcoming QESCO payment. By figuring out the unit charges at a particular moment, this tool accurately quantifies the amount of your bill. The fact that you can use this calculator online for nothing at all is a great feature.

QESCO Bill Calculator 2023

Enter Units:

Please enter units to calculate electricity cost.

The QESCO calculator is the simplest and most straightforward to use because all you need to do is enter the monthly consumption units, and the answer will appear. You may quickly and accurately estimate your QESCO cost by inputting the specific amount of units, along with data.

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QESCO Bill Calculator:

Calculating your QESCO bill requires that you adhere to these steps.

  • Click the “calculate QESCO Bill” button to get started.
  • Your browser will direct you to a screen where you must select an electrical company.
  • You will then be taken to a page with a QESCO bill estimate.
  • The necessary data must be entered here.
  • The number of units consumed must come first.
  • Pick a connection type from the drop-down option after that.
  • Next, pick a phase and enter the peak and off-peak times if you are aware of them.
  • Send the form in.
  • You’ll know the outcome in a little while.

Connection Type:

There are three different connection types: residential, industrial, and commercial. The tariff is the name for the connection type. You must enter this connection type to get a precise bill amount. If you’re unsure, you can check your old QESCO account to see what kind of connection you had. Tariff is how your QESCO bill refers to it.

Consumed Units:

Units that you’ve consumed over the course of a month are consumed units. You can use the QESCO bill calculator to estimate the QESCO bill (WAPDA company) amount based on the estimated number of consumed units from your electric meter. To determine the units utilized during a given month, deduct the preceding bill units from the total units. You can also verify whether the amount on your bill is accurate or not. For this reason, enter the units that are already stated on your statement. As a result, once you receive the bill, you won’t need to do any unit calculations to verify the bill’s cost.


Phases can be divided into two categories: single-phase and three-phase. Since the unit rates for each phase vary, it is necessary to provide the precise phase and connection type in order to get the right answer. In the QESCO bill estimator, if you don’t enter the phase type, you’ll get an estimate of the entire cost of the bill.

Hours at Peak and Off-Peak:

Peak and off-peak hours refer to the times of the day when unit costs differ. For instance, the unit rate is highest during peak hours at 22.65 and lowest during off-peak hours at about 16.33. Your QESCO bill computation will be more precise if you enter these peak and off-peak hours.

The formula for Calculating QESCO Bills:

Your QESCO bill 2023 can be calculated easily using an online calculator tool. However, there is a chance of making a mistake and it could take longer to calculate an offline invoice. This is due to the fact that unit rates vary based on the type of connection and the number of consumed units. You have a lot of things to worry about.

There is no predetermined formula for determining your QESCO Online bill. Multiply the consumed units by the most recent rate per unit while keeping in mind the range of units. Taxes, service rent, and other costs should also be taken into account. Think about both peak and off-peak times. You don’t need to be aware of anything like the unit rate, connection type unit rate, or anything else when utilizing the QESCO bill estimator tool to determine a bill. After entering your bill details, wait a short while to see the results.

Bill unit calculator for QESCO:

In order to calculate units, multiply 1000 watts per day by 24 hours and the 30 days of the month using the power formula. You can divide the total amount of kilowatts per hour you are given by 1000 to determine how many units you will use overall for the month.

QESCO Bill Calculator Type of Connection:

One should be aware of their connection kind. That might be residential, industrial, or commercial. Depending on the type of connection, the QESCO tariff rates apply. The different connection types in QESCO are:

  • The tariff A1(03)  is domestic
  • The tariff A1(01) is domestic
  • The tariff A2(04) is commercial
  • The tariff A2c(06)T is commercial
  • The tariff B1(07) is industrial
  • The tariff B1(08) is industrial
  • The tariff B1b(09)T is industrial
  • The tariff B2a(10) is industrial
  • The tariff B2a(11) is industrial
  • The tariff B2b(12)t is industrial

Abbreviations of Some Units Consumed:

You must enter the number of units consumed in order to compute the bill using the QESCO bill calculator. You can insert them in the following patterns:

  • KWH: It stands for Kilowatt Hour. One thousand watts are consumed in one hour, or 1KWH.
  • KVARH: Kilo Volt Ampere Reactive Hours is the abbreviation for this term. One thousand volts ampere reactive hour is known as a KVARH.
  • MDI: Maximum Demand Indicator, or MDI, is a term that refers to the maximum amount of electricity consumed over a typical period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

The period of the day when there is a spike in demand for electricity is referred to as QESCO peak hours. The rate per unit likewise rises as a result of the increased demand.

QESCO off-peak hours are any period of time when there is a decrease in the demand for electricity. As a result, the rate per unit is reduced.

QESCO’s complaint number is 081-9201445.

Final Thoughts:

With the aid of the free calculation tool, the QESCO bill calculator enables you to analyze the size of your upcoming bill. In addition to this, the business provides a wide range of online services. For instance, you may quickly verify the QESCO bill online, download a copy, and play it. The QESCO reference number, which may be found on your prior account, must be entered in order to receive these services.

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