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The SEPCO online bill calculator is a fantastic tool for customers who want to preview their bills before the monthly statement is delivered to their residences. The SEPCO bill calculator is an application with a straightforward design. Without spending hours crunching numbers or navigating the challenging interfaces typical of these bill calculation tools, it enables you to rapidly input essential statistics such as consumed units, monthly units, and tariff rates.

SEPCO Bill Calculator 2023

Enter Units:

Please enter units to calculate electricity cost.

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This remarkable tool will generate a complete analysis of how much users can anticipate paying each month using the SEPCO bill calculation algorithm as soon as the information has been entered. They will be well aware of the cost associated with providing the sort of connection on their property. The SEPCO bill calculator is incredibly user-friendly and perfect for people who don’t want to do a lot of complicated math on their own, thanks to its straightforward step-based system.

Using the SEPCO Bill Calculator:

In order to utilize the SEPCO bill calculator, we need to be familiar with certain basic terms connected to bill computation. We have covered everything that is necessary for calculating the SEPCO bill in brief. So, let’s begin by calculating the bill.

  • Add the necessary data to the SEPCO Bill Calculator.
  • type corporation name (SEPCO)
  • Choose the connection type.
  • Decide on the phase type.
  • Type quantity of units utilized.
  • Fill in the meter rent.
  • Add the exemptions.
  • Then, click the button to calculate.
  • Your power bill will be calculated using the tool.

Type of Connection:

There are various kinds of connections.

  • Tariff A1(03) is domestic.
  • Tariff A1(01) is domestic.
  • The tariff A2(04) is commercial.
  • The tariff A2c (06)T is commercial.
  • The tariff B1(07) is industrial.

Phase Type:

The client must be aware of the kind of phase connection for which he has made an application. Phase connections come in two different varieties.

Single-phase connection:

In this configuration, the entire house is powered by a single live wire. When the local electricity consumption is minimal, people choose this connection. The load of the refrigerator, air conditioner, fans, and lighting is carried by the single-phase connection.

Second-phase connection:

Three live wires are used in a second-phase connection to bring energy into the home. Those who work in the commercial, agricultural, or industrial sectors frequently choose this link. Homes in the domestic sector with plenty of appliances may also be connected in this way.

Units Consumed:

Consumers must be aware of their unit consumption in order to calculate SEPCO bills. He should also be aware of how many patterns he may incorporate into the number of units consumed.

Kilowatt Hour:

KWH stands for this. One thousand watts consumed in one hour is indicated by the abbreviation 1KWH.


Kilo Volt Ampere Reactive Hours is the abbreviation for this term. One thousand volts ampere reactive hour is known as a KVARH.


Maximum Demand Indicator, or MDI, is a term that refers to the maximum amount of electricity consumed over a typical period of time.

SEPCO Tariff:

The SEPCO Tariff details the costs per unit for every type of connection. Residential, commercial, general services, industrial, agricultural tariff, single-point supply, temporary supply tariffs, public lighting, residential colonies attached to industrial premises, railway traction, and special contracts are connection types for which the NEPRA offers SEPCO tariff rates.

SEPCO Off-Peak Hours:

The consumer needs to be aware of SEPCO Off-Peak Hours. It occurs when an area has a surge in demand for electricity, which causes the cost per unit of electricity to rise. The price per unit of electricity decreases when the demand for electricity in a given location declines.

Meter Rent:

The meters are owned by and provided by the distributors. Therefore, if a consumer uses a distributor’s meter, he must provide a certain sum in his account, which is known as meter rent, and goes to the distributor.

Service Rent:

When computing the bill, clients who have other bills, such as service rent, should additionally include that sum.


A customer’s account would be deemed in arrears if they failed to pay any past bills. To get out of this scenario, he must pay all outstanding bills.

Number of TVs:

A consumer should be aware of the number of televisions in his or her home. Each TV requires a separate television license, which customers must pay with their monthly subscription. In the domestic market, a television costs 35 rupees, whereas, in the commercial market, a television costs 60 rupees.

Sepco Unit Price 2023:

All electricity companies charge the same amount. The annual determination of electricity pricing is under the jurisdiction of Nepra.

Price RSUnits
3.95Up to 50
7.741 TO 100
10.06101 – 200
12.15201 – 300
19.55301 – 700
 22.65Above 700

FAQS Section

Kilowatts should be multiplied by the typical number of hours the device is used. To figure out how many kWh on average your appliance uses each month, multiply that amount by 30 days. To calculate an estimate of your monthly electric bill, multiply that amount by your kWh rate.

The fuel price adjustment known as Sepco FPA is occasionally left out. The Sukhar Electricity Company increases the electric bills in response to Nepra’s orders to power firms. Include high rates if the price is high. So, we may say that it is dependent upon the current fuel price.


The SEPCO bill calculator is an online tool that enables users to quickly calculate their monthly costs using data submitted by users. The essential inputs for this calculator are the number of units utilized in the given month, the kind of connection, and the current-year tariff rates.

Other values are pre-set by default, but users can change them to suit their needs. Once the information has been provided and submitted, the SEPCO bill estimator can display an anticipated figure for each customer to pay for the electricity they have used.

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