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The company that delivers power electricity to the indigenous villages is called TESCO. The former tribal agencies and FRs have received power distribution services from this company since 2004. The only electrical supplier in the area that provides its customers with electrical supplies is TESCO. You can easily calculate bills through the TESCO bill calculator.

TESCO Bill Calculator 2023

Enter Units:

Please enter units to calculate electricity cost.

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TESCO Bill Calculator:

Would you like the TESCO bill to be calculated on any day of the month? Simply by checking the units on your power meter, you may estimate your bill at any moment. You may choose to compute the bill on your own for confirmation if the electricity cost listed on your statement is not always satisfactory.

The best solution, in this case, is to use a TESCO bill estimator or calculator online. To fully comprehend the method of bill computation, the price of electricity per unit, and the variables influencing the price of electricity, read the article in its entirety.

Using the TESCO Bill Calculator or estimator, you may quickly determine the amount of your TESCO bill online. Customers are provided with this service because occasionally the electricity charges listed on the electricity bill are invalid. As a result, if you suspect a mistake in the computation of your bill, you may easily verify it on your own by knowing the consumer units and the price per unit of energy in your tribal region.

How to Calculate Your Online TESCO Bill:

Your TESCO charge can be calculated in a few easy steps.

  • Click the TESCO bill calculator icon to get started.
  • You must select your company on the website you will reach after pressing this button.
  • You will then be taken to a website where you can determine your Tesco charge.
  • Add up all the units that were consumed.
  • Please also include the connection type and phase.
  • Additionally, you can enter peak and off-peak hours to receive more accurate results.
  • Click the submit button once you’ve done filling out all the boxes. You’ll have your outcome in a little while.

Consumed Units:

When figuring out your online bill, the number of units you consumed throughout a month is essential. The total units will be displayed on your electricity meter. If you’re figuring out how much your next bill will be, you can find out how many units were spent by deducting the bill reading from the previous month from the current units.

However, you can use the units indicated on the statement if you’re merely checking the balance on your account. The number of units used determines the final cost of the bill. Your monthly payment will increase as you use more units. Additionally, when the number of units rises, so do the tax and unit rates.

Connection Type:

Additionally, selecting your connection type is crucial when figuring out your bill. There are many connections available, but you must select the one that matches the one mentioned in your most recent statement. Your connection type on your electricity bill may depend on the tariff.

In Pakistan, there are two different power connection kinds. Regarding price per unit, taxes, and voltage, both are different:

a – Domestic Connection

The residential regions, i.e., our homes and society, are connected through this connection. Domestic users receive subsidies from the government, and their unit price is low.

b – Commercial or Industrial Connection

It is distributed to businesses and industries. They pay a high price per unit, and there are no subsidies.


The selection procedure is the last stage in figuring out the precise amount of your bill. A single-phase or three-phase system is also an option. To view the results after selecting a phase, click the submit button. Your bill computation is more accurate thanks to the phase selection.

The TESCO bill calculator predicts your bill based on the electrical unit rate for the phase you select.

A- Single phase:

This type of power is given to low voltage regions, such as our houses, where the low power voltage is sufficient to operate household appliances.

B- Three Phases:

Industrial locations receive a three-phase voltage system because their machinery needs a lot of electricity to run.

Hours at Peak and Off-Peak:

Each area’s peak and off-peak hours are different. When using the bill calculator, you can receive more precise answers by indicating the peak and off-peak times. The price per unit of power is generally higher during on-peak hours than during off-peak hours. Therefore, learn when it is the busiest in your neighborhood.

TESCO Bill Calculation Formula:

You can perform basic computations if you’re working offline. Add taxes after dividing the quantity consumed by the unit price. However, you must exercise caution while figuring out the bill because changing the unit rate is trickier than it is to figure out the total. You’ll have different unit rates for different ranges.

Additionally, there are different unit prices for different connection types and phase types. Calculating Tesco bills offline carries a significant risk of error since the peak and off-peak pricing differ. If you use the tool to estimate your Tesco bill, you won’t need to be concerned about these fluctuating unit pricing. To get the result, enter the consumed units along with a few more details. In seconds, you’ll know how much your bill is.

Calculator for TESCO Bill Units:

Additionally, you may determine how many units you’ve consumed in a month. To determine the total monthly consumption units, deduct the most recent meter reading from the most recent bill reading. These units are used to calculate your Tesco bill and give you a ballpark figure of what it will cost in advance.

Rates for TESCO Units:

TESCO bills in different ways depending on the connection type and phase. The price per unit changes according to the unit range. The rate for 1-50 units, for instance, is different from the rate for 50-100 units, and so forth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

If there isn’t a TESCO bill calculator available online, you can figure out the total by hand using the formula below.

Units consumed X cost per unit

For example:

Units= 200 Cost per unit= 6

200X6= 1200 + Taxes and fees by Government = Total bill

You can phone the TESCO office between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm if you need any kind of information about electricity.

You cannot get in touch with them on Sundays since they are off. In addition, there is a one- to two-hour pause during Friday’s Jumma prayer.

Contact information for any electrical issue is as follows:

Telephone: 091-9212964; TESCO Helpline: +44-1992-632222


If you want to know what your next bill will be or if you have any doubts about whether it will be larger or lower than you anticipated, you can save a lot of time and work by using the TESCO bill calculator to estimate your cost accurately.

Using Online Converter, you can quickly obtain the result online by making a few clicks and entering the necessary information. Anyone can predict their upcoming bills and attempt to lower the cost by pre-calculation thanks to the TESCO bill calculator.

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