QESCO Online Bill

A reference number is required in order to check your QESCO online bill. Your reference number may be found in the top right corner of your bill. Once a link is made to its system, QESCO gives the reference number. Each reference number will be a 14-digit number inscribed in a box that is exclusive to its customer.

اپنا بل چیک کرنے کے لئے سرچ بار میں14 ہندوسوں کا ریفرنس نمبر انٹر کریں اس کے بعد چیک بل بٹن کو پریس کر دیں

Enter Your Reference Number Without Space

  • Once you have the reference number, follow these instructions to view your QESCO bill online:
  • Type “QESCO bill check online” into the browser.
  • Enter the 14-digit reference number you just checked when you go to the ebillcheck.pk website.
  • On the Submit button, click.
  • Once the 14-digit reference number is entered into the form, the consumer will see the QESCO electricity bill online check it from there.
  • Then, you can either have it printed or use the secure and simple QESCO online billing.

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QESCO Online Bill

Payment Options: 

Do you want to know how to pay QESCO bill online? Here you’ll get the answer in depth. You can pay your QESCO bill 2023 online and offline.

Pay QESCO Bill Offline: 

You may pay QESCO at your neighborhood commercial bank branch, post office, or most Easypaisa shops with a physical copy of the bill. If you didn’t get your copy, you could print a duplicate bill using the method described above.

QESCO Online Bill Payment:

After retrieving their QESCO Quetta electricity bill online, customers desire to pay their bills online through QESCO. Consumers can perform electronic bill payments using banks (which offer online and mobile banking) if they prefer to utilize banks, provided they have a registered account. There are also instructions provided for using Jazz Cash or Easy Paisa to conveniently complete the QESCO electricity bill online payments.

QESCO online Bill Payment through banks:

  • Visit the bank’s official website to pay your QESCO electricity bills online.
  • Fill in the username and password sections on the form with your information.
  • Choose “Utility Bill Payments” from the menu.
  • Choose a Billing Type from Gas, Electricity, or Phone.
  • Enter the firm “QESCO” and your 14-digit QESCO account number.
  • Choose your payment option from the list. Visa Card payments are accepted by the bank.
  • Then enter your PIN details in a pop-up window for verification.
  • In this manner, after checking the information you supplied, you will pay your account online.
  • On the registered email address and mobile number you supplied when creating the banking account, confirmation SMS and emails will be delivered.

Paying a QESCO bill with Jazz Cash:

  • You must initially keep a functional Jazz Cash account.
  • From your Android or cell phone, dial * 786 #.
  • Enter your login information.
  • Under “payment choices” on the top menu, select “electricity bill kinds.”
  • Pick QESCO from the list of possibilities.
  • Please enter your 14-digit QESCO Reference Number here.
  • Keep your MPIN in your Jazz Cash Account for successful transactions.
  • You’ve successfully made a payment to QESCO online.

Pay QESCO Bill With the Easy Paisa App:

  • To begin with, you must keep your Easypaisa app account active.
  • Enter your login information.
  • Under “payment choices” on the top menu, select “electricity bill kinds.”
  • Pick QESCO from the list of possibilities.
  • Please enter your 14-digit QESCO Reference Number here.
  • Enter the Easy Paisa MPIN for transactions to be successful.
  • You were successful in making a payment to QESCO online.

QESCO Bill SMS Service:

The main website of QESCO provides invoice SMS assistance, which is an excellent service of QESCO bill online check Quetta residents love this service. You may sign up for a monthly bill and get your invoice through SMS each month before the due date by supplying your SMS number and reference number. We advise visiting the official QESCO website if you’re seeking invoice SMS.

14 Digit Reference Number:

Find your reference number on your statement and use it to verify your QESCO bill online. It will appear on the bill as a 14-digit number printed in a box, often near the top corner.

About QESCO:

Quetta and the remainder of Balochistan, with the exception of the Labella administrative region, are supplied with power by QESCO, also known as the Quetta Electric Supply Company.

With a geographic coverage of 43% of the nation, it is without a doubt the biggest electricity supplier in the nation. It is unlikely to be the most well-liked among customers, though.

The company started servicing the nation in 1981 when the WAPDA regulation was modified. Around 0.6 million people are served by QESCO, which has a 2100 MW peak demand. Its objective is to expand and give customers the support they deserve.

Electricity is provided to Quetta and the territories around it by the Quetta Electric Supply Company. QESCO launches its services and spread them to the neighborhoods around Quetta. The estimated population of the area beneath the QESCO land is 20 million.

QESCO’s service areas: 

Baluchistan makes up 43% of Pakistan overall in terms of land area. Except for the Lasbela area, QESCO is in charge of distributing energy throughout the whole Baluchistan province.

QESCO has authority over the following districts: Awaran, Barkhan, Bolan, Chaghi, Deraa Bugatti, Gwadar, Jafarabad, Jhal Magsi, Kalat, Kech, Kharan, Khuzdar, Kohlu, Loralai, Mustang, Mushkhel, Naseer Abad, Nushki, Panjgur, Pishsin, Qilla Abdullah, Qila Saifullah, Quetta,

Helpline for QESCO:

Website: qesco.com.pk

 telephone: 011 44 1992 632222

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. Can I evaluate the QESCO invoice using my CNIC or cellphone number?

    No, simply test it using the 14-digit reference number.

  2. How can I update my QESCO Wapda bill name?

     You can make a request for a title change by going to the nearest office. The title may be changed using the same process as a new connection.

  3. What is the QESCO Helpline?

    This is the number to call QESCO’s customer service line at 011 44 1992 632222.

  4. Can I pay my QESCO power payment in full?

    Your current bill is not suitable for payment, but if you have outstanding debts (arrears) on your invoice, you may be allowed to receive payments for that amount, albeit you will also be required to pay interest in accordance with your current bank rates.

  5. How can I submit a request for a bill correction?

    You can visit your local QESCO office and explain your circumstances if you think the bill total is incorrect.


With the use of a unique 14-digit number, consumers may instantly verify their QESCO online bill. They may see the whole QESCO statement online, including the meter reading, the date the bill was issued, the amount owing after the due date, and any applicable extra taxes and fees. They may also view it on the QESCO online bill if they wish to check the status of their bill to see if it has been paid or not and you can download and check QESCO bill online.

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